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Santa Monica Mountains in Bloom

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Mustards flowering in Topanga State Park

Every spring is magic…. It’s when our senses are so heightened that we tend to do crazy things. We wonder through the fragrant meadows and endless trails of Santa Monica Mountains, we daydream under the blooming oaks, heavy with pollen. We sit quietly by the silver waterfalls and watch the sky reflect in the clear waters beneath. We fall in love. Sometimes literally and sometimes just as a habit. Spring has always made us feel that way.

Anyone know what these are?

It makes us feel new, it fills our hearts with hope and joy, expectations. It’s pretty normal, it goes back to our prehistoric roots. Spring meant life, a new possibility. It meant survival after a long, cold and nutrient depleted winter. And so we feel born again and alive like never before, we are ready for the next step. If you know the feeling, you must have hiked in the canyons lining the coast, you must’ve smelled the air and thought, is this even real? How is this even available to me, for free??

Ceanothus, bees love them!

This spring is particularly crazy magic. It’s magic on steroids! The rains have transformed our parched hills into the most luscious green blanket, brimming with every wild flower one could imagine. Take a hike, bring your camera, make sure you are not in a hurry… you are going to stop every few steps, and take it all in. Bring a sandwich, sit under an oak and just be. It’s the best medicine:)

Sweet Honey bees gathering nectar (more on Honey Bees in my next blog)

Where to see wild flowers in Santa Monica Mountains:

  • Trippet Ranch hike to Santa Yanez Falls (3.5m)
    Trippet Ranch hike to Eagle Rock (2m)
    Musch trail to Musch Camp (2m)
    Trippet Ranch to Highlands (7m)
  • Red Rock Park, Topanga Canyon
    easy hike for kids, caves and stone faces to climb
  • Back Bone Trail
    Great hike all the way up to Saddle Peak
  • Tuna Canyon Hike
    great views of the ocean, cool stone labyrinth at the top, bring your dog!
  • Solstice Canyon, Malibu (25 min drive)
    Cool ruins, watherfall, scrambling on rocks
  • Edelman Park, Topanga Canyon

These are called “blue dicks” not sure why! They are purple….







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