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Palisades Village

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The highly anticipated Caruso project is finally breaking ground! Swarthmore avenue has always been the beating heart of the Palisades, with shops and restaurants we loved and depended on for decades, our Main Street, it was where we spent our days and our dollars. It was sad to see businesses close their doors after serving the community for so many years, but change is here and as they say, change is good!

The new and reimagined Swarthmore Avenue will once again become the cultural hub of the Palisades, it will boast a classic upscale look that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the village and bring these additional amenities:

  • Walkable village
  • A collection of unique and boutique retailers
  • Four to five restaurants ranging from family to fine dining
  • A brand new park along Monument Street
  • Community room
  • Neighborhood movie theater

The Bay Theater is coming back!!! A close to home option for a fun night out, that alone is enough for me to get super excited about this project. The approved site plan indicates 125,000 square feet of development, which is perfectly scaled to the rest of the village, with ample additional underground parking and central green space.

So, when can we walk these streets again? According to Caruso, the new village will be open all at once Summer of 2018. Yes, the wait is long and construction means increased traffic, road closures, unsightly construction vehicles lining the streets and possibly a few nails in the tires, but it’s all well worth it. I personally can’t wait to grab a dinner and a movie right here in the Palisades.

Until then, see you around town!

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