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End of year market report for 2016 is here!

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Happy New Year!!!

We were all ready to say goodbye to 2016! We faced some challenges… as a country, as a community, as families. Most were affected by the uncertainty, some were divided and outraged. I personally felt, more than ever, vulnerable and sensitive… But, there is still plenty to be grateful for; through it all, I felt connected and inspired. Connected to my friends and their challenges: personal, political and professional… Inspired by my family and friends, and their actions. I am so proud of you (all my friends!)

It’s always good to remember: start where you are, use what you have, DO WHAT YOU CAN! Let’s make 2017 count, for all of us, what can we do? With what we have!  Let’s just do it.

Check out the 2016 4th quarter market report, things are looking up, we can do this!

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